Ice Prince – Remember (Intro) Lyrics

See everything is cool
I can see them
Those who paved the way for
Aside, the crown
I remember

I remember Modenine
I remember Eldee
I remember El Don
I remember OD
I remember Six Foot
I remember Soul D
I remember all them rappers that was here before me
I remember Ruggedman
So rugged man
Adain Baba J was a bone crusher man
Remember Freestyle
He could really freestyle
I ain't talking blackberry
But my brother mean well
I remember KB
I remember Eedris
I remember that the homie had alota critics
I remember few chics
Sasha, Bukky, Asha
Marvelous Benji
The Badman, Rasta
And now we talking about the Ices
Wizkid’s getting more chain and prices
Without the Blackface, The Snow
Ice and practice, remove Shokey
And the fans would have liked this
Ye kpa kpa ye eh
Ye kpa kpa ye ke nlo
Ye kpa kpa ye eh
Ye kpa kpa ye ke nlo

I remember Sunny Neji
Junior and Pretty
Frabs bend them shut down the city
And Faze killed us with a Tattoo Girl
Rumour has it that Onyeka was a Plateau girl
See I remember Zaky, the torchlight man
Aladin, made Gemo Give Enough lie then
See I remember OJB
I remember Lexy
Badman Tingle behind Omo Sexy
I remember Rooftop

I remember Terry if you think say na beans put it in down your belly
And yeah I remember 2shots
I remember BigLo
I remember nigga Volcano with a sick flow
I remember Kush
Poor kerosene
Keke and Dean running the stretch limousine
I remember Azadus the dancehall catalyst
The Denge De Pose
Lagbaja was anonymous

See I remember Styl Plus
Jazman Olofin
Fela then put a bad man in a coffin
I remember Ruff, rugged and raw
Zule Zoo taught me kick a brother and score
See I remember KC
I remember Presh
Tony Tetuila, fine boy toh fresh
Olu Maintain omo boy sabi dress
I remember Tosin Mosin never spoke about sex
I remember Jeremiah

Ye kpa kpa ye eh
Ye kpa kpa ye ke nlo
I remember Charly Boy them
Ye kpa kpa ye eh
Ye kpa kpa ye ke nlo
African China
Ye kpa kpa ye eh
Ye kpa kpa ye ke nlo
Majek Fashek

And now forever remember Brymo, M.I, Jesse yeah
Choc boy baby
And there’s how the story goes
Welcome to the Album
Everybody Loves Ice Prince ELI
I hope you know what that means
You’re welcome
Get into my thought process
Collection of different ideas, different sounds and walk through my mind all the time
You’re welcome

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