Ieknows – Rainy Daze Lyrics

[intro: iEKNOWS]

Rainy day
Rainy day
I wrote this song on a rainy day
Let’s ride with it
Rainy day
Rainy day

[Verse 1]
These flows are all that I got
10 years of rapping nigga just to hope that I pop
If you been through what I been through then you been through a lot
But I learned from Kobe Bryant keep shooting your shot
(Swish, Look)
Don’t put your mind in a box
Rapping ain’t the only option when you tryna get hot
Shit I knew a nigga in college who invested in stocks
Then moved on to real estate to by buy half of the block
But first he had to stop chasing hoes
That always want to kick it but ain’t got no goals
That only get attention or a mention when they get on Instagram and post pics without no clothes
Something gotta change This shit is kinda strange
It’s funny what this generation will do for the fame
She tried to play it smart She gave a little brain
Just to play her part for that Vera Wang
This is just the life we live
So pressure on me just to have a wife and kids
While avoiding all mistakes that my father once did
I see the generational gap I’m building the bridge
For all my young niggas
You gotta study the game don’t be a dumb nigga
You out here selling cocaine that can’t be fun nigga
Cops pull up on your block you better run nigga
To the sun nigga on these rainy days
Oh these rainy days
When my skies are grey
I might go outside
I might go out and play
I bet you never seen a nigga do it like this
I bet you never seen a nigga do it like this

Are we on ?
Are we on ?
Are we on ?
Are we on ?

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