Iji – Orange Peel Moniker Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Buried on the edge of suburbs [?]
Pastors and houses shopping mall
In the settle copper dust
Between the cushions underneath
Rolling lint forgotten things
Of the pastrians

And I smell it I
Orange peel moniker
Some drifting clouds and a

[Verse 2]
Visions of the mind assembling
I can’t remember anything
Old receptions coming in
Green head thousand island
Reno sweatshirt you understand
When I wrote this down

Orange peel moniker
You’re in the house
Orange peel moniker
[?] out the window like a
Orange peel moniker
It sits right

[Verse 3]
Legends in the sleepy morning awoken
To some coded morning
Remember and cannot remember
The other worlds I have entered
And then said out loud

Orange peel moniker
And the heavy smell surrounds us

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