Iniquity Rhymes – Vicious Spell Lyrics

And I’ve been goin’ through hell, caught in a Vicious Spell
Blinded by the lie, crossbow string but it fell
I’m feeling so alone, I think I’m ’bout to explode
System overload!

There’s no disclaimer when you start this music journey
I’m a role model to many fans, it’s something that I’m learning
Waking up to hundreds of messages with supportive words
It’s so absurd, but it’s the desperate pleads that make me worry
This one girl told me that she listens to my tunes
When she’s locked up in her room, that her life had meaning when she heard me
She said “Eating Me Alive” described her life
And she contemplated suicide, “Iniquity you give me purpose”
How do I respond? The thought of entertaining’s gone
I just wanna calm your nerves
Reality is on, the finer line is drawn, and I am not a pawn
I just wanna dispel your unrelenting curse, yea
I’ll give it all I got but I’m afraid it’s not a lot
And it’s that fear that makes this hurt
From the mistakes made we will learn, I’m giving you my word
I’ll try to be your cure, inspiration for the youth is my main concern, yea

System overload, I sometimes feel the same thing
You think you’re alone, but no, we feel the same pain
I know I display a smile but the truth is I’m faking mine
Til it’s real, I’m thanking God everyday and I don’t place blame
I’ve always believed the energy that you put out, bad or good is what will be returned
You put yourself in jeopardy, so wipe that cynical memory
I try to weave ’round every roadblock, mentally it burns, yea
But the flame embalm occurs
With fragrance of victory paving roads of ways to conquer worlds
You gotta believe that everything will change scream it til it’s heard
Cuz right now it’s your turn envision and just manifest rebirth, yea
A cryptic Vicious Spell
Sadistic in its health, simplistic mission can’t you tell?
Take all the negativity in life get in position to stride
And with all your might just wind up, send it back to hell, yea

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