Ivy Sole – Lost Without You Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ivy Sole]

See it can beat, pound and stretch to like double it’s size
It could push, thump and pump to like double it’s time
It can leak and it can ache, it can hope and it can wait
All these things my heart can do, but it can’t read my mind
And yours either, so tell me what you want and I’ll oblige
All I have to give you is my love and all my time
I know I’m not the easiest to please but
You gimme every single thing I need love
Cuz I need love, I was afraid to admit it
But I need you, and if we’re going the distance
I’m gon love like it’s going out of style
Polyester affection and linen loving divine
Because soon it won’t matter if I’m rhyming the flyest
The only thing that matters is you take me the highest
Your highness your light is so blinding it shines
This is my reminder I’m so glad that you’re mine

Chorus (x2):

I’m lost without you
So give me directions on where to go
All we need is some time to grow

I’m lost without you
Tell me where I can find your heart
Because home is where you are

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