Jason Saul – April Showers Lyrics

I saw my vision and I took control
Everybody wanna shine
But only some will glow
It’s never luck
Boy it’s all in your hands
I know a lot of people
Wasting time
Doing whatever
To get them some bands
I been tryna tell my people it don’t work like that
You gotta be patient
And strategic
To put in work like that
And you can check up on the name
I’ve been authentic
No gimmick
I’m the same person from my IG
And that’s a good feeling
Awh man that’s a good feeling
Lotta y’all can’t say that
Cause you everybody’s children
Yeah y’all be moving like you’re basic as f**k
You not foreign
You’re that brand with the cross on the trucks
Walk around in bulk filas
Bitch you look like a dub
I got some too
But they’re the 90 throwbacks
I’m just classic as f**k
But you already know that
I’ll probably pull up in a Melo Denver nuggets throwback
You just flashy
Boy I been saucy
I don’t need designer
To let the room know I’m important
I be chilling in some shit from the thrift
I gave it life
Don’t fall in love with that girl
I hit it twice
We not the same
You and I
So bitch stay in your lane
I be giving people facts
And also spreading some game
And club promoters please don’t hit my phone
I got real work to do
Not overpaying for ciroc and henny bottles
Just to get some dome
You know that shit comes for free
I got the aura of a great
Like Muhammad Ali
Haters punching I be ducking the hate
I’m very focused on my craft
I know that you can’t relate
I’m a ticking bomb waiting to blow
We’re all human
See the highs and the lows
We feel pain to feel great
That’s just how life goes
I wouldn’t trade it for anything
I’m feeling real blessed
I ain’t focused on settling

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