Jayds – Steamaz Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Well alright, mi plan fi smoke everyday a mi life
You si when the coconut shell get light
And mi load up the steamaz pipe
Me a go puff it wid all a mi might

You si the steamaz turn you in a dreamaz
Meck you cyaa walk step good in a you sneakers
None believers turn believers
Heart a pump like the kick in a the speakers yeah!

Steamaz turn you in a dreamaz
Meck you cyaa walk step good in a you sneakers
Fross long like a CM
Burn the steamaz

(Verse 2)
Coming like a weed mi depend pon yeah
Everyday mi spend bout ten grand yeah
Walk pass weed you a smell pon mi
Meck a mad link up a St. Ann the next dimension
Mi si regularly, cush reach please don’t tell zombie
Seh mi link the natty fi the cotton candy
Gabba wid the grabba meck you well angry
But nothing to me like when you pass the steamaz

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Weed mi love, weed mi love
Gi mi her alone nuh
Shi meck mi high
Meck mi fly when mi all alone
One load coming like a bottle a patrone
One draw and that get mi in ma zone
Da cush yah strong like Silvestre Stallone
And smell good like a bottle a colon
A she mi love, she mi love, she mi waan fi clone
Naw stop smoke all when you si mi bone

(Repeat Chorus)

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