Johnny Cinco – I Know You Heard Lyrics


I ain’t have to keep it real
I ain’t have to show no love
I ain’t have to let ’em near
I was workin’ on my craft
I ain’t have to let ’em hear
I know how they, shh
I know why they, shh
I know why they do that
First advance, blew that
They think we ran through that
Now I’m bringin’ two back
Next day, I need two flat
Twenty mil’, blue plaques
I moonwalk ’em, but you knew that
The talkin’ shit, I do that

They ran with the format
Off-White doormats
In a mansion eatin’ DoorDash
Put my bitch in [?][1:02]
Put my bitch in more bags
They know I got more racks
VVS cost more racks
This Louis V cost four racks
I’ll show my account
I’ll show all my Rolexs
I show my accounts
They’ll be at my ho neck
That’s why I can’t show that
Too much, I can’t throw that
I know that they know that
SRG, for sure that


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