Kazakhstan responded to rumors about the involvement of the Nazarbayev clan in the riots

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic stated that they do not believe in this version

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tleuberdi commented on the rumors that the ex-President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev and members of his family could allegedly be involved in the riots that swept the country in early January.

Photo: Svetlana Samodelova

According to RIA &quot ;News" referring to the Euractiv portal, answering a relevant question, the minister said that he personally does not believe in this version. At the same time, the Foreign Minister stressed that the investigation would put an end to this issue.

In early January, protests broke out in Kazakhstan, which soon led to mass riots. Due to the current situation, the CSTO forces were introduced into the country for some time.

Alma-Ata suffered the most from the pogroms, while in the capital of the republic, Nur-Sultan (former Astana. — «< strong>MK») managed to maintain order.

Tleuberdi stressed that it was possible to avoid an attack on the capital only thanks to the introduction of CSTO units into the republic. At the same time, the minister stressed that in the event of an attack on Nur-Sultun, a coup could take place.

Earlier, the first deputy chairman of the ruling Nur Otan party in Kazakhstan Bauyrzhan Baibek called “baseness” attempts to accuse Nazarbayev of all sins.

He added that in the 90s thanks to Nazarbayev Kazakhstan gained independence, creating and strengthening the institutions of statehood, as well as recognition from other states.

< p>The day before, on January 18, Nazarbayev broke a long silence and released a video message.

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The former head of state, in particular, said that he has been a pensioner since 2019, and Tokayev, according to he said, has all the powers of power. He also denied rumors about the conflict of elites in the country.

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