Keenan The First – How It Goes Lyrics

Just how it goes (x4)

[Verse 1]
She knows everything I do (yeah)
And that’s the source of all my youth
The way you make that booty move
I knew, I knew I would be with her
I got a fever
I’m a wide receiver
Catching everything she throw
That just how it goes

Just how it goes (x8)
How it goes

[Verse 2]
(uh, yeah)
I know everything she’ll say (yeah)
She’ll say everything’s okay
When everything not okay
She won’t let me break
Under the pressure
Lately I feel
All of the pressure
People wrapped around me like a cobra (ow!)
I just deal wit it sober

That just how it go (x2)
Go, go, oh
That’s just how it goes (x2)
Just how it goes
Just how it

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