Kiev is preparing for mass protests: what to expect on January 17

Hundreds of deputies and thousands of villagers gather to meet Poroshenko in Zhuliany

Ukraine in Washington is promised big problems related to a possible coup attempt or the organization of mass protests. The next protests in Kiev according to the local schedule will be soon – on January 17th. By this time, the main current Ukrainian “oppositionist” intends to arrive in the country. – ex-president Petro Poroshenko.

On Monday, a revolutionary situation is expected to develop in Kiev – Petro Poroshenko returns to the country without an armored car, on a regular scheduled plane. The fifth president of Ukraine skillfully escaped from possible arrest before the New Year holidays, when a new fashionable law enforcement institution, the DBR (Ukrainian analogue of the American FBI – the state bureau of investigation), tried to hand him suspicion. Since then, the Pechersky District Court of Kiev, responding to the requests of the investigation, first, by a secret decision, agreed to the detention of the former president to be brought to court in the case of “high treason”, and then seized all his assets. These assets are important – it is already known that the DBR is going to arrest Petro Poroshenko with an alternative in the form of a bail of 1 billion hryvnia (that's about 2.8 billion rubles).

In the persecution of the fifth Ukrainian president by the Office of President Zelensky, everything is secret and at the same time well known to all interested parties and the general public. Petro Poroshenko knows about the arrest and the billion and has already stated that he will not pay any bail under any circumstances – a pre-trial detention center is a pre-trial detention center, “a stadium is a stadium.”

All last week preparations were underway for the return of the “gray-haired hetman”, as half-jokingly in Kiev they call Pyotr Alekseevich for inescapable pathos. Hetman first announced the date of return, and then also specified – a regular plane from Warsaw, Zhulyany airport, Monday, 9:00. Accordingly, people have been gathering in Kiev for a week now to meet Poroshenko on Monday. The main intrigue that persisted until Friday afternoon: who will be more – ordinary people or deputies?

On Friday, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and the entire European Solidarity faction in the Kiev City Council gathered to go to the action near the Zhuliany airport . Calls to come and “defend Poroshenko” are heard from everywhere. The most original was the message that a flash mob is growing among party members in the regions: “Come meet Poroshenko for a thousand Zelensky!”. The one that the president passes off as vaccinations.

Volodymyr Zelensky launched a program at the end of 2021, according to which, after December 18, each vaccinated Ukrainian received a thousand virtual hryvnias on a special electronic card, which can be spent on going to the cinema, books or … traveling around Ukraine by rail.

The program was smashed to smithereens – in rural and even urban Ukraine there are simply no cinemas even in regional centers, more than half of the population did not have the opportunity to have fun and watched with irritation the joyful roll call from Kiev – it turned out that in multiplex cinemas of large networks, virtual cards in Smartphones with “COVID 1000” work not only at ticket offices, but also when buying beer and chips in movie bars. Now vaccinated villagers can also spend a thousand – on a train, to fight off Poroshenko's DBR.

What Zelensky’s entourage seemed to do in December turned into a complete headache by January. The arrest of the fifth president of Ukraine “under the Christmas tree”, before the main holidays for people, did not at all promise mass protests. The arrest of Petro Poroshenko on January 17, in the midst of an imminent Russian attack widely announced by all Ukrainian media, daily communication with Western leaders and non-holiday chaos in Kiev no longer looks like a good idea.

People are angry, there is no money, the prices for everything are growing every day, and the experienced Poroshenko, as it turned out, has been skillfully preparing for the story of the arrest since the spring of 2019. The entire sweet business of the “gray-haired Hetman”, which is now estimated at $1.6 billion, has long been put into a “blind trust”, which was legally taken over by the eldest son of the ex-president Alexei Poroshenko since 2019. By that time, he had just ceased to be a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and a person associated with politics, served in the army and was inaccessible to any law enforcement officers. The Pechersk Court arrested several obscure legal entities still associated with Poroshenko, did not deprive the ex-president of his personal money and did not in any way restrict the activities of the two national TV channels associated with him, which also passed into the “property of labor collectives” in advance.


The case with the accusation of “treason against the Motherland” related to the purchase of coal from the Ukrainian mines of the DPR and LPR, which until 2017 paid all Ukrainian taxes up to the military tax, against the backdrop of the promised collapse of the Ukrainian energy sector due to the lack of purchases of all the same coal at TPP by the current government, looks more and more operatic.

“You noticed that all reports about the Poroshenko case from the DBR are proclaimed without speakers, impersonal – no one wants to get involved with it! The case is handled by the Deputy Attorney General and several people in the DBR associated with the Office of the President. The rest shied away from him, as from the plague! There will be nothing there but a personal obligation to appear at court hearings, ”a source close to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office explains to MK.

Today it is known that the judge of the Pechersk Court, who decided to immediately went on vacation. DBR in a statement hinted at the possibility of a milder measure of restraint than arrest. The closest associate of the fifth president of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, announced on Monday a gathering of people at 8 am near Zhuliany and announced that later, at 11:00 am, the crowd would be moved near the Pechersk Court – to make noise, rattle and threaten.

Judging Apparently, Vladimir Zelensky will once again fail to bring his personal project to fruition – they will not close the hated Petro Poroshenko in the pre-trial detention center. There will be no arrest, and there will be no big protests. And with treason to the Motherland and coal, everyone will figure it out later …


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