King Los – Lemon Pepper Wings Freestyle Lyrics

Ya. Ayo, turn my mic up a little bit
Check, check, check, ya
I gave niggas flowers
They gave me dirt
So I just grew more flowers and made it work
See what I peep is that, well we ain’t gonna speak on that cause this shit could get deep as where niggas bury their secrets at
Where they defeated at, is my connection on-lines and all the money they really spitting is E-thernets
They throw you niggas some pennies and make you rap for ‘еm
You do millions of views and end up feeling confused
Causе it ain’t translating over your platform
You got a mind of a slave I don’t condone this shit
I do own whips and chains but watch your tone a bit
Cause trying to hang with the Mastermind can end up ina-noose-sense
You riding the wave and I rather own the ship
Why we even have these conversations
He gon’ think he want this Smoke until he having complications
Last nigga I coached got a Grammy nomination
This is train with the killers
First niggas just came with the fila
Last time I argued over reviews it was rather I could see the Mediterranean in Spain from my villa
My vision ain’t the same as you niggas
If I was you what I would do is just listen and get Game
I mean my name is a title, yours is a nickname
And I would never own my title just to sell it
I go with a nigga Apple for a Spot-if-i could help it
So what the f*ck is this?
Look, niggas talking spray on Axe but when it comes to these raps they just show they true colors and book
What the f*ck is the script when niggas bumpin’ they lips
I ain’t bubba gumpin’ with shrimps
I ain’t animated but I wrote them cartoons you suckers bump in your whips
I’m giving out gift bags at the Rapture my sixth dimensional craft do Zig-Zags through the blackness
Dis-fasten the magic, only spells you mismatched for the master, now tell me which craft did you capture
Cause I exist in dimensions niggas is rarely in
And I rap in a bracket niggas is barely in
Oh he gon’ rap ’til he in these muddy waters
I don’t know how you claiming U F O and I’m the alien
Niggas is foolish to taunt the monster I do chakra alignment on short notice
I’m known to sit in the darkness and chant mantras
While I’m doing my mudras and fool Lotus
This nigga Los is the lyrical psychosis the spiritual process every theory osmosis
If its my flow that’s leavin’ you pussies sick than it should be diagnosed as venereal prognosis
To experience my focus you need Iron Man cause I’m out of body and my material high voltage
Ya, you bargaining with the one

You sure you wanna trade when you bartering with the gun
Here I am thinking niggas should thank me
Now I’m Kurtin’ on ’em
Frankly I am just out here arguing with my son
You ain’t a legend to every name when I’m out again
How you bitches big headed knowing I’m insane
This nigga think he wiggin’
We can address it, but make up you wore my heels?
I’m bringing your momma pain
Niggas can’t out Fox me
I’m really the man
They be playing two roles like they really ya fam’
I let the fans see that real kings tower and this nigga’s uncool, I knew Junior was really a Stan
Ya, you been advised by the Chief
Trying to box for God
You minimizing your reach
You energized by the streets
If coming for my crown give you a surge than you end up identified by your teeth, sheesh
You boys ain’t no where near my professional range
Its disrespect, you just have to accept, you’d have to astral project just to reach my celestial plain
He gon’ lose he ain’t accessing the rest of his brain
I’m big dog, you not barkin’, stop talking
Nobody compares Astin Martins to Doc Martins
Stop trippin’, you not drippin’, you bullshittin’
You not even a Scott Pippin
You more like Dennis Scott when the shot missin’
I shoot movies and plot twist them
Your Grey area is not wisdom
My rhythm and flow the best shit for real
Every rapper know I be on some next shit with skill
I never been one to chase p*ssy but you f*ck if you think I’d make it all the way to Netflix and chill
Performing in other countries living my dreams
Then come into America flippin’ my CREAM
Writing for empire while building an empire
No lying similar stories just through different haikus (Hakeems)
I’m the best I ain’t here to debate none of you niggas
I only came here to bait one of you niggas
So how you feeling?
Triggered or tricky? Dope boy or Ricky? Jody or Sweet P? Goofy or Mickey? Ja’rule or 50?
I move how I move cause y’all rules don’t fit me
Niggas about to feel the difference ima reveal
I spent a year and a half just getting out of my deal
Real fans struck around cause they missed me out on the field
But the industry had a vision my inner god wouldn’t feel
Now I’m back cause I’m at a different route I could kill
When you out the mud, you gotta get it out if ya real
When its time to pay for that shit that’s slippin’ out of grill
Remember you ordered beef don’t be slippin’ out on the bill nigga

Four-piece King
Ya lets play ball whoever, whenever, whatever, when, ha