Kodak Black – Acting Weird Lyrics

I fell in love with my bih from the field, baby
Said she from Miami, from the crib, baby
Yeah, when the link up and they ask me questions
You ever killed somebody before? (hahaha)

[Verse 1]
I don’t play like that, you talkin’ weird, baby
Everybody ’round me actin’ weird, baby
I just want for you to keep it real, baby
I ain’t let them know I had a mil, you crazy
Dressin’ like I’m poor, I’m rockin’ Timbs on the daily
All the record labels know the deals that I’m makin’
Coulda bought a Wraith, I bought a silver Mercedes
My head on a swivel, but your brain on the pavement
Remember hittin’ licks and hidin’ [in a filthy?] basement
Talkin’ to myself ’cause I understand what I’m sayin’
You ain’t finna trip me out my mind, no more, Satan
You the reason that I’m Sniper Gang, and I’m shady
Walk up in the studio, bitch recordin’ ’cause I’m ready
My bitch, she Dominican Republic, but I’m Haititan
I ain’t quit the shufflin’ in my feet, now I’m patient
Momma, look at me, mom, look at me, I been changin’
HBK, heartbreak kid, Heart Break Kodak
Remember when I laid there on the counter, seen you naked
Remember when I loved you, now I don’t care to see you naked now
Remember when I loved you, now I don’t care to see you naked
I came from the projects, Section 8, now I made it
Shit ain’t never been the same, I wished I wasn’t famous
But, Kodak, don’t you give up, don’t you quit like that lame did
Don’t quit like them lames did
Kodak, don’t you give up, don’t you quit like that Wayne stuff
Kodak, you better not go out like no lame ’cause you a gangster
Everybody actin’ like some hoes all a sudden
Momma called me a dog, but I ain’t no hoe ’cause I ain’t buggin’
In the field chasin’ all my goals, I ain’t puntin’
OG Kush got me with a odor, got me musky
Promise everybody ’round me no more since a youngin’
I be with my niggas and my brothers and my cousins
She be so goddamn sweet, there stuck a bean in her booty hole
Money got me drunk, it got me peein’ in the studio
Chance is I don’t know if I be goin’ or I be comin’
Crack a nigga head like Humpty Dumpty

[Verse 2]
Everybody been actin’ weird lately
I just want for you to keep it real, baby
I been had a couple mil, I ain’t never say shit
I ain’t never say shit
I’m codeine dreamin’ in a spaceship
All the pain motivatin’ me to stay real
Sound like a vulture cryin’ in the glacier
I’m hotheaded but my chain [?]
I’m workin’ like a slave still
And I don’t need a Perky for the pain pill
I was sixteen with permanent gold teeth
Snatched ’em out and put diamonds in it
Y’all got the same grill
Everybody fuckin’ everybody, we got the same girl
And I be walkin’ ’round here like this my dang world
And I be walkin’ ’round here like this my dang planet
Think about my family, had to pop a Xanny
Aye, I’m drinkin’ liquor, tried to swallow my pride
I hope my son ain’t gotta live like I
Mm mm, mm mm
Drinkin’ tequila, smokin’ sativa
I done made it out the rain, I ain’t call FEMA
My baby momma in a Range, took her out the Beam
Ain’t never showed no love to me on Valen-Day-Tine
I send words out through the grapevine
Made it out the jungle like I’m godsend
Swing with that vine like I’m Tarzan
I pop a nigga top, don’t get your block spint
I ain’t goin’ out where I be [?]
I ain’t do the jigga, I’m consumin’ liquor
My wrist frame [?]
I don’t do [?]
Fuck a Bentley truck, smile with the Glizzy tucked
In a pickup truck, now I’m smokin’ [?]

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