Kremlin denies reports of Xi Jinping refusing to visit Russia

Peskov denied reports that Xi Jinping refused Putin's invitation to visit Russia According to Peskov, both Putin has a valid invitation to visit China and Xi Jinping to visit Russia.

The Kremlin denied reports of Xi Jinping's refusal to visit Russia

Xi Jinping

Reports that the President of China refused the invitation of President Vladimir Putin to visit Russia are completely untrue, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The refusal was previously reported by the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri, citing sources. According to the publication, Xi Jinping said that it would be difficult to visit Russia due to anti-coronavirus restrictions. In this regard, Peskov was asked if the leader of the PRC really refused.

“No, it's not. <…> The fact is that certain covid restrictions in China continue. This is absolutely normal. <…> Putin has a valid invitation to visit China, and Xi Jinping— visit Russia»,— answered the press secretary of the Russian president.

As Yomiuri recalled, Xi Jinping has not visited foreign countries since the end of January 2020. The publication suggested that the PRC leader is also trying not to make drastic steps in both domestic and foreign policy ahead of the Chinese Communist Party Congress in the fall of 2022, where he is likely to remain for a third term. A visit to Moscow could also deepen the crisis in China's relations with the United States and Europe, which are increasing sanctions pressure on Russia, Yomiuri writes.

Putin and Xi Jinping last met in early February, when the Russian president attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing. The talks between the heads of state lasted three hours. As a result, Russia and China issued a joint statement in which the PRC supported Russian demands on NATO, and Russia promised not to recognize Taiwan's independence and condemned the politicization of the issue of the origin of the coronavirus.

Already after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, China did not join the Western sanctions against Moscow and advocated a peaceful settlement of the situation. According to Washington Post sources, Xi Jinping instructed advisers to figure out how to provide financial assistance to Russia without violating restrictive measures. Washington has repeatedly warned Beijing about the consequences if it allocates material assistance to Moscow. According to US President Joe Biden, China must understand that its economic future is more connected with the West than with Russia.

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