Kweku Collins – The Rain That Wouldn’t Save Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kweku Collins]
And I put that on all of my vices
My high school diploma, my dearly departed
My double entendre, I wrote this
The mornin you went back to college
I know we both growing, that’s part of the problem
It’s thirty on Lincoln, I’m out
Brought that shit back to the curb
Same one where I learned how to skate
Same one where I wrote this here
Same flight, different time, same gate
Same line, still me, new wait
Drawn up from the house I leveled
I emerge with a four side frame
My word, how the times have changed
Oh lord, how this shit stand still
Cole world, we don’t want to be saved
If it ain’t me, I don’t think I will

Cause I believe in the power of my niggas, but ultimately its gon be up to me to get with it
Oh, so holler if you hear me holler
Tell me is this what you wanted, yeah, riddle me that
Ain’t nothing here till you answer, wasn’t nothing here to begin with

[Verse 2: Kweku Collins]
And I put this on all of the nights that I didn’t come home
Or I came with the light, or I slept with the sun
In a bed when the morning could come any hour
I know when it, how I know when to go
Pedal my block to the east
Brought that shit back to the lake
Same one where I learned how to leave
Same one where I learned how to stay
Same time, different year, new place
Same line, still me, new weight
Drawn up from behind eye level
I return with the foresight, pain
My word, how the floor has changed
Hold on when it seems to tilt
Oh I’ll remember you Kaylyn and hold down
The house you helped build

Cause now the opportunity has arisen for me to contribute to something that I see as bigger
Yah yay

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