Kyrgyzstan accuses Tajikistan of aimed shooting at wires

The border service of Kyrgyzstan reported aimed fire on power lines from Tajikistan As a result of firing on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, power lines were damaged, several Kyrgyz villages were left without electricity. There are wounded on both sides. Countries blame each other for the shootout

Kyrgyzstan accused Tajikistan of aimed shooting at the wires


Tajikistan opened fire from mortars at power lines and border posts in Kyrgyzstan, reports with reference to the State Border Service Kyrgyz Republic. The Ministry of Energy of the country, referred to by the Kaktus Media Telegram channel, reported that, according to local residents, power lines were damaged, electricity was lost in some villages.

As the deputy plenipotentiary representative of the President of Kyrgyzstan in the Batken region said Marufkhan Tullaev, it all started with the fact that people from Tajikistan blocked the Batken road crossing the border & mdash; Isfana in the area of ​​Tort-Kocho and “without any notice or warning” started construction work. After negotiations between the authorities, the road was opened. However, a few minutes later, shooting began from Tajikistan.

Zubaydullo Shomadov, press secretary of the mayor's office of Tajik Isfara, in turn, said that the conflict began after Tajik cars threw stones when they were driving across the border. According to Sputnik Tajikistan, six people were injured in the shootout. “Sputnik Kyrgyzstan” reports four soldiers wounded in the shooting.

Tajikistan asked for a ceasefire. Despite this, Tajik servicemen are shelling the Kyrgyz border, skirmishes continue in the areas of Eki-Tash, Kum-Bazar, Chir-Dobo.

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