Laufey – Best Friend Lyrics

It’s come to my attention
That I don’t show enough
Of what I think
It’s only when I drink, I open up

But I promise that I love you
Even with that hair-do
I’m sorry I made fun of it
It’s not your fault it looks like shit

I have never tolerated someone for so long
I’ve never laughed so much
I haven’t written a sad song
There’s no one I’d else I’d rather fall asleep with
And dream with
You’re my best friend in the world

(Instrumental & Scatting)

When we’re ninety-eight and ninety-nine

Tumblin’ down the stairs
You’ll barely catch me in time
We’ll argue about what to watch on TV
Finally pick a movie, then we’ll fall asleep

We’ll still be a little bit strange
Some things never change

It’s funny ‘cause you drive me half-insane
A universe without you would be thoroughly mundane
There’s no one else I’d rather fall in love with
And that is
My best friend in the world


You’re my best friend in the world