Lavrov promised a response in case of “hellish sanctions” of the United States against Russia

Over the past few days, the head of the State Department Anthony Blinken, his deputy Victoria Nuland, the Secretary General of NATO, the European Union and Angela Merkel have made threats of new sanctions against Russia

 Lavrov promised a response in case of 'hellish sanctions' by the United States against Russia' /> </p>
<p> Sergey Lavrov </p>
<p> If the US imposes new sanctions against Russia, then Moscow will definitely react, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He did not elaborate on what kind of answer this would be. </p>
<p>“ If new, as they say, hellish sanctions follow, then, of course, we will react. We cannot help but react. How do we react? It will be seen, I don’t want to guess now what the West will decide on, threatening with some kind of financial sanctions, new sectoral ones. This is a dead-end road, and ultimately it will turn against the very initiators of these illegitimate unilateral measures '', & mdash; said the minister. </p>
<p> He stressed that countries & mdash; OSCE participants need to do what this organization was created for. </p>
<p>“ I hope this reflects not the regrettable fact that the Westerners have lost the ability to negotiate, but that the Russophobic current in NATO and the EU simply does not allow them to really get down to concrete matters, move away from confrontation and do what the OSCE was created for, '', “ ; said the minister. </p>
<p>Warnings from the United States and its allies about the readiness to impose new sanctions against Russia have been heard repeatedly in recent days. The preposition & mdash; possible Russian aggression against Ukraine. The head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, said on December 1 that in the event of an attack on Ukraine, the United States would use such effective sanctions, which it had refrained from earlier. He called on Moscow to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border. </p>
<p> Blinken's deputy Victoria Nuland said that the sanctions against Russia would be unprecedented. At a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, possible economic sanctions and political measures against Russia in the event of an “ aggression in Ukraine '' were discussed, said the organization's secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. </p>
<p> Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on November 25 that the EU should introduce new sanctions against Russia in the event of an escalation of the situation in Ukraine. </p>
<p> The Kremlin has repeatedly denied preparations for any aggressive actions against Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin proposed to start negotiations on guarantees of NATO's eastward expansion. </p>
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