Lazurus – Bang Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lazurus]
I’ve Been
Jamming thru these beats on my Doug Funnie
Wiping my sweat and tears counting out this blood money
Pressure make diamonds but break zirconias
Burning them bridges gone take a toll on ya
You know ya brother known to say screw it
Make a movie
Loose it
Pull ya head off like Scooby
By minute 2-3
Shame like Wayans Ivory
How we compete for change
Sacrifice it for safety
End up up living like Tookie
Paralytic corrosion
Never ending conform
Analytic Expulsion
Stand suspended in time
All 5 positions I’m balling
Damn a forfeit
Exhausted but know the cost
Kylo Ren with the force
It’s that Rouge One
Lyrical Sho-Gun
Literal froze blood
You parish then so what
Go sharpen your knife blade
These satans have fork tongues
I pray they have no sons
While playing no more scrubs

[Verse 2: Lazurus]

Niggas always be up on some ho shit
Bitches always being up some old shit
Is anybody trying to get this dough?, shit
I thought that was the Motion
Wheres everybody going
Who cares who’s f*cking who
What The hell is u supposed to do
With that info you check bossip for
Go click on some instrumentals
My dude
Its all distractions
Paula Patton left Robin, come on with Batman, Aye
Vandal Savage immortal fresh out The Lazarus

Pit I drip
Signature of the fish
Evolution exist
Creationist revelations
Patience the only faith
Ancient tea leaves of royalty
Players read em and weep
So let Lorde speak for Lorde
My blood speaks abroad
Black woman, love your flaws who can judge God?
New Agenda on our men, raise your boys strong
Frozen in war still raging when I unthaw
I Heard..

[Verse 3: Lazurus]

The Lord’s working on closed circuit, low-tech surveillance
Speculation should check the tape, As your weapons fail ya
Set the table I tell my lady “That real China”
“That good silver. These meals (Mil’s) coming”
Chef thru Clef
Favreau treble
Echo rest of my staff
Rep on behalf of those fallen trying to stand up this flag
Your Squad
Suicide if you and I both draw
Brave bold new world
Who the lord gone call
Presence seized like your parents room peeking on Christmas eve
Everyday though
In every way grow
Expect delays For
Respect will make a heart hue dark
Adversary feel like Salieri hearing Mozart
Mass Requiem of devils here to bury your God
Dance above the checker print of candle lit war
May only He who worthy yield the hammer of Thor
Meanwhile my daughter point that hammer at yall
Last thing you hear is..

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