Lil’ Debbie – Bay 2 LA Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Debbie be the big shotgun in the scraper
Rollin' my weed up, countin' my paper
Turnt up and I'm feelin' myself
I don't see no competition, I'm just killin' myself
Bay shit got me bumpin' Mac Dre
South-bound, goin' down, now I'm runnin' LA
In the club, still don't give a f*ck
Throwin' up a dub, California love
Left the bay, but the bay never left me
Wanna see? Betcha life, bitch, test me
Then it's all on sight up in this motherf*cker
Cali green got me right up in this motherf*cker
We be to rap what key be to lock
Still nothin' but a G thang, that be up top
I just do it my way – the fly way
On the highway, bay to LA

Me? I'm just chillin', oh what a feelin'
Bitch flipped a hundred to a thousand to a million
Everything money, keep that shit basic
Debbie run the coast on some bay to LA shit
Still on my bay shit, never fallin' off though

Pedal to the pavement, Debbie be the boss, ho
Everything money, keep that shit basic
Debbie run the coast on some bay to LA shit
[Verse 2]
Debbie be the bitch to ghostride the whip
(Ghostride the whip) Now that's some bay shit
But I bet the f*ckin' whip's got switches in this shit
(Bounce, bounce) Now that's some LA shit
Never do I play, bitch, never on some fake shit
Time for the real bitch, you basic, face it
Me goin' global, ho, you just a local ho
I'm a walkin' time bomb, I'm supposed to blow
So I'm just on some real shit, f*ck how you feel shit
Money on my mind, on some hundred dollar bill shit
Catch me goin' dumb, Coke with the rum
Bitch havin' fun, shut it down when I come
Debbie from the bay, now I'm runnin' LA like Pac
Get acquainted to the name, cuz it ain't gon' stop
Debbie, ho, Debbie on your stereo
Death and burial, kill bitches with this very flow


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