Lil’ Hutchie – G.o.l.i.a.t.h Lyrics

G.o.l.i.a.t.h Lyrics

Yung Searle you’re a f**king dickhead
You look like a child, bet you still get breast fed
This gonna make you piss yourself like Witzmann
This is now war we’re going 40s, imma blitz him

You’re chattin’ shit saying your track is fire
Claiming you’ll end my career you’re a f**king liar
I’m an archelad not Solent, get ur facts right
I’m loam soil whilst you’re pure shite

Shouldn’t have sent back you’ve made me snarl
Cant even write your lyrics, you got help from Carl
Bought your likes why the f**k are you bragging
Your bars are more disturbing than the Phoons shagging

You study history, you’re already in the past
Lil Hutchie’ gonna make sure you don’t last
Here one day gone the next like Frawley
Im gonna turn this into a horror story

You’re doomed to fail even Daly left your side
Your bars are more faulty than the black hand’s cyanide
Yung Searle can’t handle the grime sesh
Your career is fading like your trim from fresh.

Wearing Palace and Supreme to try and fit in
I can see right through you, you f**king virgin
Lil Hutchie’ got the POWER like Kanye
Dare you to come my ends on remembrance Sunday

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