LNR Veteran Explains Jesuit US Sanctions Plan Against Russia

The Russian Federation has not come to war yet again

U.S. Congressmen will consider a bill on sanctions against Russia, which proposes to recognize the “Russian-backed” forces of the Donbass republics as terrorist organizations. This was reported by the Washington Post. MK asked a veteran of the People's Militia of the LPR to comment on the decision of Western politicians.

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“Any armed formations that are associated with or controlled by the Donetsk People's Republic or the Lugansk People's Republic should be equated with foreign terrorist organizations,” one of the paragraphs of the American bill says. It was authored by Republican Jim Banks, and the document itself was called the “Putin's Responsibility Bill”. Andrey Marochko, a veteran of the People's Militia of the LPR, believes that the proposed bill, from a legal point of view, absolutely does not correspond to reality, and it is more likely that the United States itself can be accused of supporting terrorism.

– First of all, this is a reason for new sanctions. Russia has already been accused of all mortal sins, but there is no official confirmation. How many times has Russia not come to war. She was predicted that she would attack Ukraine before the new year, then after, now they have generally been postponed to spring. But Russia does not come to war. But sanctions must be introduced, and they must be for something. And this method is quite suitable to show the entire world community that Russia   “sponsors terrorists who kill Ukrainians.”

If we consider from the point of view of jurisprudence, then the Republic of Donbass under the definition of “terrorism” don't get in at all. If such facts existed, then we would have been accused of this a long time ago. No matter how much Ukraine tried to do this, and applied to international organizations, but did not come out. But in relation to the armed formations of Ukraine and Ukraine itself as a state, all theses of the concept of “terrorism” are absolutely applicable.

First of all, I want to recall the facts that they themselves admitted. These are the explosions of power lines, explosions of gas pipelines, the destruction of infrastructure, the destruction of monuments, the murders of militia leaders, including the commander of the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic. There was also a detonation of an improvised explosive device near the store, as a result of which a girl, a medical worker of the People's Militia, died.

Ukrainian national battalions are recognized as Nazi and banned. This also includes the recruitment of spotters, whom they took away from our territories. For example, a girl whom they recruited, and who later in her testimony said that she really contacted the Security Service of Ukraine and corrected the fire of rocket artillery on the settlement.

– Yes. Then we exchanged it, and then it was sent somewhere to Germany. Made her a real celebrity. There were other facts as well. I have now listed exactly those facts that Ukraine itself recognized, they can be easily found on the Internet.

In the same place, a recent case that can also be attributed to terrorist methods of warfare is the abduction of an observer from the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Nbsp; Soldiers of the Ukrainian special forces took him hostage, despite the fact that, by agreement of the parties, this category of servicemen has practically diplomatic immunity. But this did not in the least prevent him from stealing him from our territory in the literal sense of the word with the aim of & nbsp; further blackmail of our negotiating group in the Minsk Contact Group. 

I know for sure that the Ukrainian side has repeatedly voiced certain demands for Ukraine to release Kosyak. That is, it is it that is used as such a bargaining chip in order to knock out either some political preferences or some other benefit.

The United States itself already looks more like a terrorist state, since it really sponsors terrorists. There are a number of facts confirming that they provided material support to ISIS terrorists (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) and other banned organizations. Everything that happens resembles a scheme when the thief himself shouts the loudest “Stop the thief!”. 

– From the Ukrainian side, no information about the fate of our serviceman has been received for a long time. Through our channels, we managed to find out that he was given the opportunity to meet with representatives of international organizations. As far as is known, the consul of the Russian Federation was not allowed to see him. 100 days of humiliation, insults and psychological impact, of course, cannot pass without a trace. Andrei began to have health problems. Through international organizations, he received some medicines, but that was a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we do not know how things are now.

– Ukraine has included Kosyak in the exchange list, as far as we know. But I included it in such a way as to benefit from it for myself. Now Ukraine does not want to conduct a “procedural cleansing” those persons who were previously released by them, and grant them amnesty for all criminal cases that were initiated. That is, the person has already been transferred to the side controlled by us, but is still wanted and prosecuted by them.

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