Low Cut Connie – Forever Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Give me time to say goodbye
Honey, give me just one more smile
Open up the microphone
Let’s be together for a while

[Chorus 1]
All of the heroes are dying tonight
They’re flying up into the sky
It’s so hard to lead to believe you’re gone now

[Verse 2]
Give me back my oxygen
I can’t seem to catch your name
Tell some jokes and take off your clothes
And dance right into the flame

[Chorus 2]
All of the children are crying tonight

‘Cause nobody knows where you’ve gone
They’re out on the lawn now, singing your song

[Verse 3]
So if you come to see the show
I’ll show you a pretty good time
We’ll laugh and play and talk about the good times
And then get right back in the line

[Chorus 3]
All of the angels are climbing tonight
And there isn’t time to be shy
I don’t even know them, I still have to show them I love you

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