Lukashenka urged “not to bathe” about the absorption of Belarus by Russia

“There are no such goals”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko noted that there are concerns in society about the upcoming in-depth integration of Belarus and Russia. However, there should be no cause for concern, since Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko himself are smart enough to prevent the two countries from merging.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In his address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly, Lukashenka called Russia the main partner in the economy. “The pillars of the Belarusian economic strategy are to increase and diversify exports, attract investments and develop cooperation. Our number one partner – Russia, with which we are consistently moving along the path of economic integration. Almost half of our goods are exported to this country, – noted the Belarusian ruler.

He recalled that during his last talks with Putin they were asked what the essence of the upcoming integration of the two countries is and whether this means the absorption of Belarus by Russia. “There are no such goals, and I have already frankly said that we are not so stupid and so smart with Putin that, having two independent states, we can build such a system that any unitary state would envy. This is the answer to the question. What are you doing about some kind of takeover? This will never happen, and the leadership of Russia has no such goals, – concluded Lukashenka.

In his televised address, Lukashenka compared power to a chocolate bar: “Eat to your health”

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