Lukashenko urged the West to “not get involved” with Russia and Belarus

Lukashenko: Russia and Belarus don't want war, but “you don't have to mess with them” Lukashenko pointed out the need to protect the border with Ukraine, whose authorities are behaving “unpredictably and inadequately.” He stressed that neither Moscow nor Minsk want war, but they will respond to aggression in such a way that “it won’t seem enough”

Lukashenko urged the West to

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus and Russia do not want war, but in the event of aggression against the Union State, “they will break so that it doesn’t seem enough,” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned, BelTA reports.

“Therefore, you don’t need to mess with us. We cannot be defeated. <…> I'm not threatening, I'm just warning: God save you! said the president at a meeting on strengthening the military security of Belarus.

At the same time, Moscow and Minsk have enough land, “God forbid, hold it and develop it,” Lukashenka believes. “I think the leadership of Russia will also understand me. <…> God forbid, war, it will affect everyone. That's why we don't want to fight,»— he emphasized.

The President of the Republic at the meeting said that the border with Ukraine needs reliable protection. According to Lukashenka, ten years ago it was hard to imagine that the country “would have to create military units and a whole association to protect <…> southern borders» and build “not just a fence, but the most expensive security system on the southern borders” to defend against “relatives” her people. Belarus “with pain in the heart” observes how the leadership of Ukraine, “being under external control, sometimes behaves unpredictably and inadequately,” the president said.

unpredictability, inadequacy— and in case, God forbid, military action, we need to decide, & mdash; explained the head of state.

The President of Belarus has previously expressed concern about a possible threat from the south. In September 2021, he instructed to pay special attention to the border with Ukraine, where Western countries, in his opinion, are “dragging NATO troops”, creating “virtually bases” under the guise of training centers.

On January 17, Lukashenka announced the joint Belarusian-Russian exercises “Allied Resolve”. “Today we see that we need to conduct solid exercises in this western and southern region, the “Belarusian balcony”, — he said. The maneuvers will take place from 10 to 20 February and will be a reaction to the “continuing militarization of European countries.” The military personnel during the exercises will work out “a certain plan in confrontation with these forces: the west (the Baltic states and Poland) and the south (Ukraine)”. The President of Belarus has previously pointed to the gathering of more than 30,000 troops to the Belarusian borders in Poland and the Baltic States and the buildup of the military contingent from Ukraine.

Part of the Russian military has already arrived in the republic to participate in the exercises. The US State Department suggested that Russian troops deployed to Belarus to participate in the exercises could be used for an alleged attack on Ukraine from the north.

On the western border of Belarus, the situation with migrants worsened last fall. Columns of refugees (mainly from the Middle East) tried to break into the EU from the territory of the republic. In Poland and Lithuania, they announced the need to pull army and police forces to the border. After several days of clashes and negotiations between Lukashenka and the leadership of Germany, the migrants left the camps.

Last year, the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border also worsened. In the foreign media and from the mouths of Western politicians, speculation began to sound about the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not going to attack the neighboring country. Lukashenka said that Belarus would support Russia if Ukraine showed aggression against it.

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