Luke Dick – Polyester Lyrics (feat. Miranda Lambert)

I grew up in a sea of red
All the dirt, the debt and the cigarettes
And all the words that Jesus said
Still in my heart still in my head

My daddy's on the couch in a Busch Light coma
Brother's on parole stuck in Oklahoma
Twenty to one I wouldn't get my diploma
But there it is hanging on the wall
I can hear em' back home singing

Hail, hail, trailer park hero
Got a new car and a used tuxedo
Aw hell, look at you now
You got your first comma in your bank account

Well you made it out but you're still in
We still remember when
Your mama was smoking in the third trimester
Yeah you might wear leather but you're made of polyester
Yeah, polyester

Now I got a nice house out in Tennessee
Ain't got wheels but it's got AC
Woman's on the phone updating me
Guess sister won a raffle, got a new TV…
(Hire me, please. I'm a professional transcriber that adores precise lyrics. Thanks.)

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