Macron considered a signal for Russia that Ukraine received the status of an EU candidate

Macron considered the status of an EU candidate for Ukraine and Moldova a signal for Russia Ukraine and Moldova received the status of candidate countries for EU accession on June 23. The French President called this decision a signal for Russia

Emmanuel Macron

Granting the status of candidates for EU membership to Ukraine and Moldova, as well as recognition of the “European perspective” Georgia— a signal for Russia, said French President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference after the European Council summit in Brussels. The broadcast was on Twitter.

“Recognition of the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is a strong signal towards Russia in the current geopolitical context, especially in view of the decision on the status of candidates for accession for Ukraine and Moldova”, — he said.

At the same time, Ukraine will have to fulfill a number of conditions for joining the European Union.

“The beginning process, and we have always been honest about it, will require effort. The European Commission will present a report on the fulfillment of the conditions that it put forward in its recommendations last week,— Macron noted.

He added that European countries will help the Ukrainian authorities to carry out the necessary reforms.

The Ukrainian authorities enshrined the country's aspiration to join the European Union in the Constitution in 2019. This happened after the coup (or, as Ukrainians call it, Euromaidan) in 2014, which followed the decision of President Viktor Yanukovych to postpone the signing of an association agreement with the EU.

At that time, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow had no objection to the entry of other countries into various alliances, but only if this did not harm Russian interests. He noted that only a trade association between Ukraine and the EU would jeopardize entire sectors of Russian industry, and estimated the damage at billions of euros.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed an application for EU membership only on February 28 this year, four days after the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine. The authorities of Moldova and Georgia also followed the example of Ukraine.

The European Commission recommended granting Ukraine and Moldova the status of countries— candidates for EU membership on 17 June. At the same time, the organization demanded that the authorities of these states “take further steps.” Among them was the strengthening of the fight against corruption at the highest level and against the oligarchs, as well as the reform of legislation regarding minorities. The organization offered Georgia a “European perspective”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov then said that the issue of Ukraine's membership in the EU requires increased attention against the backdrop of discussions about “strengthening the defense component”; union. Putin stated that the Russian side never objected to Ukraine's membership in the European Union, but only opposed the “military development of Ukrainian territory.”

On June 23, the vast majority of MEPs voted in favor of the resolution on granting Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates as soon as possible. They called for promptly granting this status to Georgia, but after carrying out the necessary reforms.

As a result, Ukraine and Moldova received the status of candidates for joining the European Union. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, called this decision historic. Zelensky announced the victory that Ukraine has been waiting for 30 years.

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