Marc Vinyls – Sidelines Lyrics


I just took an L
But still I’m goin’ win
Talking about a goat
Well you looking at him
I just took an L
But still I’m goin’ win
Talking about a goat
Well you looking at him

[Verse 1]
Everyone sound the same
Tomato, tomatoe
Who to blame?
All the messages hollow
Look who you follow
I am the motto
Bout to go like 11 Drizzy
Got no fake friends
Ever with me
Boss written cross my whole pinne
Y’all pooh pooh, you know Winnie
I do not care about yo money
You flawed
Look at the boss
Gold diamonds mixed with Lacoste
Young bitches ask, “What does it cost?”
You can not wear it
f*ck no
I will not share it
What hoe
You is a parrot
You is a mockery
I am like Socrates
Preaching philosophy
You should just follow me
This Is a journey of a lifetime
Bad bitches with a skyline
What we do at nighttime
You watching by the sidelines

What you watching fo’?
What you talking fo’?
Why you sitting there, knocking bros?

Knocking hoes
When you really just stalking those

[Verse 2]
All on your feed tho
Diamonds swimming like Nemo
Blow a bag at casino
They don’t know where like we go
Gotta hold my whole town down
From the sound to the crown
To the ground up
I’m crazy I’m wound up
You lucky you found us
I’m only going up trust..

[Verse 3]
I’m only going up trust me
I’m hitting big I’m lucky
Know Luciano I’m lovely
Your eyes like a puppy
She screaming out just f*ck me
No other rapper above me
Wait what
What the f*ck
Its Marc Vinyls I’m goin’ up
Numbers going down
City plays with surround sound
I’m talking like downtown
They don’t see that I’m down now
Hitmaker like Bow Wow
I do it big like Ming Yao

The bars coming in really from like every direction
You a greedy hoe you ain’t really counting yo blessings
You can’t beat me bro I’m the best there’s really no question
On the vizio they be watching investing

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