Marie Davidson – Your Biggest Fan Lyrics


What is it about you?
Why are you so strange?
I love your music
Wait, do you play in a band?
Yeah, I-I totally saw you
You kind of remind me of um, you know that umm, umm
Umm, umm, ueehhh, ueeeh, eeehh [Coughing]

What’s wrong with you? ([?])
Are you annoyed?
(Oh my god
What are we gonna do?
Where are we gonna go?
Where’s the after, the cool after?)
Hey, are you doing a DJ set tonight? (Is it of my concern? [?])
Oh, I see (No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no)
God ([?] cocktail)

Man, I think she’s faking her accent ([?])
I mean, nobody talks like that
(If living life the right way means keeping some sort of control over your emotions, I’m out. Oh, yeah. Marie Davidson, what a bitch)
So, frankly, is this album about taking risks?
(She doesn’t even know what she wants

Oh, hi, what’s up? (Oh, that guy is actually gay)
I’m sorry I missed your set, I heard it was amazing (I think she’s sobered up
I think she’s a [?]
I think she’s anorexic
I heard she sucks in bed)
Do you have drugs?
Can I help you roll your cables? ([?])
Do you know what’s happening? ([?])
Are you coming?
Who are you anyways?
Please come with me, please, please come we’re going nowhere
But I heard she always sleeps alone)
Why? ‘Cause she’s f**ked (But dear, you’re living the dream
Living the dream, mon cul!)
Do you really need to carry around all that gear with you?
My god! (Oh, can you hear my heart beating? No, no, no)
Are you insane? (Oh, can you hear my ego talking?)
Does that bother you? (If you want to leave in the morning)
Pour qui elle s’prend elle? (And I can’t look you in the eyes)
Who are you? (It probably means that I’ve lost it)
Hmm? Tell me (f you want it to be straight)
‘Cause I wanna know (And my face is messed up
It probably means that I’ve lost it)
Who the f**k are you?

If you see me in the morning
And it seems like I’m about to cry
It probably means that I’ve lost it
It’s not easy to stay sober
It’s not easy to stay sober
No, it’s not
Don’t judge me for my mistakes
No words could explain
How deep is the pain

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