Mark Battles – Check Lyrics

Hello America, land of the free
The land of opportunity
I plant $100,000 in 20 remote locations across the United States
You have 24 hours to go find it
The only rules are…
There are no rules
May Go be with you

Pistol, check
Bible, check
Oj, check
We good then

I’m a hypocrite
I could live with that
Cuz I love me some head but won’t give it back
Never hit a whole rod yo
That shits a trap
Really made it out my hood, I should get a plaque
Nigga where my Grammy?
Ratchet lil thang won’t wear no panties
Face like Janet and a ass like damn it
3’s all the time so these niggas can’t stand it
Feeling real fly
I been known as a guy like Bill Nye
Catch smoke last night and he still high
I’m in a real dark place yo I can’t lie
Get the tour booked then set it up
Who you want to see instead of us
More gigs than an iPhone 7 plus
And them niggas shoot first so you better duck
Rap like me?
You will prolly get picked
Look like me, you will prolly get chicks
I’m so 3’s, if you double me
You will prolly get six
Been on the grind no ally kick flip
Still my own boss I don’t got to split shit
It’s a partnership
Shout out [?] cuz we started this
Won’t fall in love cuz my heart in this
Tell Weezy put me on the Carter 6
Tell Yeezy put me on Yeezy 2
Piss out real and I bleed the truth
Only hit once and she keep the coup
Thank god I let them other niggas lead the crew
Ah, avoir
I’m really in my bag oh God
I ain’t never told no lie
Knowing that they next like a damn bow tie

I die for my niggas ain’t a thing changed
Just got em all rings like King James
You ain’t seen nothing till you seen pain
Fa 3’s up, it’s the same thing

Jordan 5’s, check
Versace hat, check
Album of the year, check
Do it good, yeah
Translation, Fly or Die
Victorious against society ignorance

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