Martyr Defiled – At The Throne Of Salem Lyrics

Black blood stains on a wooden floor
Matched against human bone decor
At the throne of Salem, human remains
Never ending vigil of tortured pain

As the night draws in
Punished are we for all our sins

Upon a bloody throne
Sits a god among men
Taking pleasure from
Every sacrifice made before him
Digging blades across
Make the inside outside
Quarter them
A line of nooses across the hall
Wait for the next to take the fall
Mirthless laughter, ringing glee
Sadistic music mixed with screams

He will not forgive
Let the blood fall, let the cold back in
He cannot give in
Run if you want, but it won’t change a thing

Slit your throat, steel in your wind pipe
It’s too late, welcome the long night
Bleed out, fade into blackness
Sacrificed in the chamber of madness
I’ve figured out the calling
Figured out the night gods courtship

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