Mind’s Eye – A Moment Of Honor Lyrics

Don’t need to shout
I can hear you clear
Don’t need to see
What was never there
And nothing will come unless they never end
These voices in my head
Walk into the light
Can’t see your face
If you had the life I had
You’d never stand here
How far can we go without falling down the edge
What is there to expect?

Now my only hope Is to cut of my tongue
These are my last words
Hear me now

Without destination
We don’t have a thing
A moment of honour
For those who dared to climb that hill
Throw away your ball and chain

You can take my freedom
But you won’t take my words away

Put out the light’s
The words echo in my head
I will survive
Something tells me that
I may just give up and be free again
Free in a bigger cell
All the torture, all the pain
Can it stop now?
Can’t take another day
And nothing I say means anything to them
All I can do is pray

Now my only hope…

Without destination …

All the torture all the pain

Without destination … [x2]

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