Mir Fontane – Love Letter To Camden Lyrics

*Add a little more sauce to it*

But somehow I keep holding on
Until my heartbeat’s long and gone
You know I’m down to ride or die
But I always almost die
Every time I try to f*ck with you

[Verse 1]
Young nigga from the dirt, my hands and boots muddy
I come from the underground like Bugs Bunny
Broke as a joke they thought that it was funny
Na-na na-na boo-boo, now I got money
I come from the side where it never gets sunny
I seen bad bitches turn into junkies
I seen infants fly with no bungee
I seen niggas lie with both their hands bloody
When I’m ’round the way, they act like they don’t know me
When I’m in LA, they treat me like Kobe
I bought me a .40 in case niggas get on me
You gon’ be freestyling with 2Pac in the morning
I spent all my money on medicine
I gave ’em light now they wanna kill Edison
I took an edible and then listened to Zeppelin
Opened up my closet and saw my own skeleton
Home of the handyman, born with a ratchet
Your brains get blasted, you see things you can’t imagine

Lost a few good niggas to a couple rat bastards
Funeral closed casket
I don’t know if he in the casket

[Verse 2]
But let’s get back to rappin’
My homie just left the halfway and now he back to trappin’
His baby mom said if he don’t pay then she take a legal action
So now he back to risking it all just tryna make shit happen
They hate me more than they love me, somehow I rise above it
Whenever I’m brought up in discussion it’s such a touchy subject
I seen niggas switch sides for mills and got a chicken nugget
A scary feeling to be around killers with an empty stomach
My homie brother was blood and they left him bleeding buckets
Was living life for his daughter and died over nothing
It’s babies dying and we walk around like it’s nothing wrong
Gimme a second, it’s just a lot of shit going on

[Chorus (x2)]
But somehow I keep holding on
Until my heartbeat’s long and gone
You know I’m down to ride or die
But I always almost die
Every time I try to f*ck with you

*Female voice vocalizing*

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