Napoleon Da Legend – Hokuto Shin Ken Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend verse]

Stable genius with a rare point of view
Rather short fuse always serving up some soul food
Sold verbal jewels peeps in my circle knew
I was surgical with facts to free us from servitude
Close to the nations capital I learned to move
Beyond the smoke and mirrors I had to discern the truth
They want us dead or in jail
They want us in debt and let these corporations set the bail
Its a prison, information is the main resource
Jacking up ingredients from the main source
We gave these motherf*ckers a pass though
From divine being now we worshiping cash flow
Anything for a position inside the matrix
Took the knowledge from our ancient DNA and then erased it
Trying to make us feel weaker when we the strongest
Divide and conquer, we been suffering for the longest
Killer bees with yellow vests got me yelling SOS
You can try to kill us but our destiny’s to resurrect
Looks like they got it sown don’t it?
We can retrieve the throne and
Turn the tables in the closing moments
Victor Hugo with pen / always to shoot to win
The sole inheritor of the Hokuto Shin Ken
No longer victims, ain’t no lynching the lynchpin
Got em binging ruin ya faculties like in Princeton

[Napoleon Da Legend Hook]

Got a hole inside of my heart
That I can’t seem to fill up for nothing
I just try to play my part
But Something from within keep callin
Spark and light a torch in the dark
And the walls around me keep falling
Every good thing ends at the start
They can’t stop me cause I keep evolving

[Napoleon Da Legend verse]

Weaponized joggers recognized the livest
Sporadic postures like the troops in Bosnia
Czechoslovakian boxers type discipline
Vice militant robbing the rich to fill the fridge
We ain’t having it, third world graduated
Thrashing the most expensive rapper you can collab it
Galactus, got the secret service trynna hack this
You can’t enter my thoughts, my mind is too elastic
Stand back, analyze reactions, slid him a 10
Oh shit, I passed the limit again?
Yo the god of Gab multi color bomber jackets riding a dollar cab
Only saluting those who acknowledge that
Monastery rap before the monetary crash
Took the pain of my people on my back and carried that
To my very last breath and my last steps
With a legacy that’s kept alive passed death

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