Napoleon Da Legend – This Is Not For You Lyrics

[Napoleon Da Legend]

I’m damn if I do my whole bandwidth is taboo, Bantu
Gave y’all answers to clues
Deep healing over band-aids for wounds
Broke thru mandates and man-made rules
Plant based foods hand made tunes that make landscapes groove Handshakes and truces with rival crews, we don’t idolize dudes
Their jewelry looking like a stylized noose, social lynchings, while they vocalizing fiction, childhood born narcissism
I talk with an anarchist wisdom social drinking over
Vibes of Marxist socialism
Arrogant billionairism, you worshiping marketing dollars mark of beast followers
Oligarchy scholars
Echo chambers of clichés in the deep state, police state
Climate heat waves, the North Pole is new tropics, emaciated polar bears, Radioactive solar flares, plastic fish, internet activist
Death manufacturers, thirst trap selfies
Broke folks looking mad wealthy, pyramid scheme sketchy they can make a straight line seem edgy I still dream heavy
Without dreams I’m dead
Channel my inner Khaled my teams the best
This ain’t talent this is soul, big difference, this is black gold their goals are fictitious, rappers is entertainers who play roles to trick listeners
Mind controlled by big business
Cocky talking heads with cognitive dissonance
We the voice of dissidence
They might not like us, might be scared to promote this, douse the system with flows corrosive
Bend em out of shape like multiple sclerosis
They don’t wanna see me go full Napoleon
I’m a contradiction, anti-colonial
Anti phony gimmicks
No drums no instruments This is only lyrics
Only the real will feel this
Y’all Tap dance and get high to something else
Universal law I abide to nothing else
Don’t compare me to rappers
Your top ten lists generic facing impossible odds
Like the Mau Mau I’m fearless
Mainstream or backpack
My names rings bells from Beijing to Baghdad asthmatic still I laser beam passed that
I’m part man part marvel
I evolved passed Darwin my heart part carbon

My thoughts reach farther than profit margins
This a movement of prophets marching
Lauryn hill at her peak, Jordan in his prime
Magnus carlsen’s mind
Nonchalantness of James Harden
I’m John starks dunk at the Madison square garden
Apollo the great, Zeus The god of thunder
My apartments should be treated like an Area 51 bunker
Biggest charisma while low key
Still An enigma to those who know me
Gorilla hulk
You divulge ya life during pillow talk
We heard about ya, all universe 21st century writer
That gun talk stale, I push weight on top of scales
Opus Dei, my soul not for sale
Catching speaking Swahili mixed with French
In a gold dashiki with miraculous African strength
Exhibit pride and joy thru the worst times
You cry babies act like you felt pain for the first time
I put myself on, you can’t black ball a warhead
I storm the set and start rapping to Portishead
Y’all typing ya life I show up instead
Y’all begging for slots I make em throw up the bread
Foreign countries state to state dolo I did that
My aura allows me to take a crystal clear
Photo in a room that’s pitch black
I’m the formula, no need to look far
That’s why always inspired and I get booked far
Street or book smart
These dumb politicians know how to look smart
Y’all ain’t wake up yet?
You figured out how this world is made up yet?
Slaving everyday for crumbs? You ain’t upset?
Accepting next to nothing cause ya life sucks less?
In this society of success
Most of ya idols have rich investors
Either that or rich ancestors
Means they no different from you
Except maybe they living they truth
I ain’t giving u bars I’m giving you tools
They gonna milk u to death and get rid of you fools
We got the numbers on our side
But too busy surviving to fight this modern day apartheid
They keeping ya face prints in archives
And numbing all of our senses
That’s when the art dies

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