Nate Husser – Can’t Blame Em Lyrics

Cause you got me
Ye you got me on some sh** that’s not my steez
On a meltdown, got me thinking bout you every bad bi*** that I see
Ye you got me, girl you got me said this love sh** not my thing
You gotta know it’s hard for me
Ye, you gotta it’s hard for me, alright
You gotta know this not my thing
You gotta know this hard for me

I was in France hella thirsty, di*k like the Eiffel Tower, not a chick to ride him that’s the worst
And these ho** ain’t worthy, so the kid’s board qwerty
I’m dolo in my hotel with closed curtains
And firstly, I have problems, I’m prevented
I spend dollars on Gucci rags to wipe my jerk with
Fu**in’ bi**hes, the bff’s , the worst friends and the freak h**s that hold rubbers in they purses
Get the a$$ from em, nut fast and I’m absent
Pay never, just collect assets,I’m the worst
But kings get the money and the vacays
And the perks, this the good life
Dyke’s back it and reverse for me
Wifey’s back home bout ready to divorce me
Questioning my verses
S’what happens when you spit that movie reel deal baby, Steven spiel, still rap pay my bills chill take a quick pill b**ch it’s Husser

We killed sh*t when we came in, can’t blame em

Life’s a b**ch and I came in it with a long d**k and 3 eyes wide open. Couldn’t tell me sh** then, can’t tell me ish now
Watch how much advice come in when the bread’s around
Riot squad can’t get me to get back
And the h**s can’t get none from me but this d**k and these n!99@s , these n!99@s that ain’t ridin, tell em they don’t even stand a chance of surviving
I came alive in the 91′ and since I been on assignment, with a silencer in the 9 when you see that cop down that was my lick, and that’s my block, that Martin, that’s my n!99@ that’s sparking at your apartment door
If you step on my toes on my carpet
I came from that Starships & Dark Tints, y’all n!99@s move in tandem, and I’m random, I can’t decide
Sometimes it’s better to be the wolf in the lamb’s hide , so when you’re ready to kill em , you know where that lamb hides
Y’all lookin like another verse, another dolla n!99@s, me I’m lookin like another verse another bible scripture
And every word is deeper than the bullet wounds left in y’all militia
I said goodbye we’ll never miss ya

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