Naughty By Nature – Daddy Was A Street Corner Lyrics

[Mini Skit]

[Treach & Vinnie]
As far as days it’s a sunny one
Hear the money comes up there’s a fiend I’ve never seen
And they bound to catch a funny one
Hear the kitty come come wouldn’t need a run run
Since I think he’s 5-0 why so ima dum-dum
I know are days somehow I gotta stop at some point
But I’d rather cluck and rob ya as a gun point
I run the streets like peep on the concrete we roll deep
So don’t sleep on my peeps
You would think that’s the only thing to stop me
But this Glock is crazy cocky plus I’m dead already papi
This is what niggas in the hood see
The way the badder could be bad is getting based so bad they would be
Oh oh oh oh here comes the news flash from LA
But crooked cops has walked away so there’s been rioting all day
The only thing that made my day a little better
I saw red and blue uniting forever
Crips and bloods fighting together
Back on the block it’s the same damn strip
The same damn clip the same damn shit
You really can’t expect a lot when the kid’s
Juvenile and stay lock and his pops is the block!

“Niggas in the hood ain’t changed”
Aw shit! Goddamn!
“Only the streets tells stories”

My daddy was a street corner a goner
Before I popped out my momma is sore
He was long gone for the border
So I grew up doing more dirt did dust
Hittin skirts getting stuff
Just to knuckle motherf*ckers up
f*ck around on a bad day
? ? watch out that make the
Street niggas are coming through the alley way
And when we come we come correct and it’s done
It ain’t where you from is how hard your squad come

This nigga’s scared nigga stop he’s a rookie cop
Who couldn’t bust a glass rock fools watch your stash spot
And everything’ll be alright
I guess unless [?] in the project
It’s my honey’s night get my money right
Or your funny face will be beating out my fist f*ck a funny fight
Whose to blame when he’s plain for a name
Or a spot to go home to see pops is the f*cking block

“Niggas in the hood ain’t changed”
Aw shit! Goddamn!
“Only the streets telsl stories”

Some get stuck home saw cartoons saw cable
Saw new clothes with labels
I came home to corners did homework wasn’t able
I clocked it we rocked it dipped it then flipped it
We upped it and cut it held in hold it then sold it, I’m wit it!
Getting hit the house all I was fiendin
When it comes to dough niggas are in it to spend it
Save it protect get a shave and a tec don’t be brave get a vest
It might save you your chest
And if cops ever come to wail me down
All I say is feet don’t fail me now
My town didn’t have a wreck yup I was a little wreck
Didn’t have a place to play
So like most kids a nigga’s woulda astray
A daddy never got to meet mom
So on father’s day I take a rag and I shined up the street sign
Got me on the spot spot me when I stop
Anytime or day if you’d ask me have to tell you poppa was the block
Money’s coming rolling hard cluck and rolling hard
Breaking dawn on the law [?] do the stolen car
Every job I get dropped or I hit the lotto so I get stopped
Peace to the block my pops