Nightmare – Bringers Of A No Man’s Land Lyrics

You are the one of a kind who will cross the line
Over the laws of the dark with no state of mind
You are a plague in the night searching for the truth
Their battalions are marching on for you

There is one master king to celebrate
The forces of the dark
Are closing all the gates
Setting the only rules, he will divide
In his reign, the worlds collide

Deceivers of darkness
Wingers of a no man's land
Deceivers of darkness

Muting our DNA

You are the pledge of the law
You wanna bless the stars
Into the chaosphere, there are seven signs
Ordi tempolum coming from the past
Your empire is just a reign of glass

This is a secret plot to rule mankind
A dark conspiracy
To rule your mind
This is a sacred plan of a world confined
The illuminati lead the blind
Deceivers of darkness
Bringers of a no man's land
Muting our DNA…

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