NLE Choppa – Made In Jamaica Lyrics

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Whatever a bitch nigga wanna do, we can do
We tote drums with 7.62’s
Ay, ayy

[Verse 1]
I ain’t in a rock band, but I love drums
Trust fall with the opps, I’m tryin’ to catch one
We killed a few now a nigga want the rest of ’em
Teddy bears and t-shirts at the funeral
I’m in Jamaica now, looking at the palm trees
I’m real far from them niggas tryin’ to harm me
Got that fire up on my side it’s a [?]
Had my gun up in the school, don’t you test me
Ay, kick down the door, get on the floor, we shake the spot down
Move wrong, make a sound, you get gunned down
That nigga snitched up on my brother now he locked down
But I’ma count my nigga in, I nеver count him out
And he was bitchin’ on that mission, so I let him out
You know a nigga nеver trippin’, took another route
I keep on slidin’ ’cause I know them niggas whereabouts
I saw that nigga in the crowd, I had to air it out
My OG was a godfather, but ain’t shit ’bout him holy
I’m plottin’ on my own dawg ’cause that bitch nigga owe me
Bitch I woke up out my sleep with the dream that they saw me
How you talkin’ out to me and bitch you don’t even know me?
My choppa came with a beam and a scope attached
That’s a fact, rat-tat-tat, bullets through a nigga back
Took a loss up in that field, I need my quarters back
Picked up the sack, makin’ plays like a nigga movin’ south
Ayy, and you ain’t shootin’ shit for real, boy you really a actor
You chasin’ bitches over money boy you [?]
Yeah I be rappin’, but a nigga ain’t shit like these rappers
‘Cause I be shootin’ shit for real like I play for the Raptors
Ay, they say I’m a pedophile, ’cause my Perc’ 10
My dawg posted with the opps, it left me hurtin’
She on that block sellin’ pussy, yeah she workin’
But I don’t even blame her ’cause she tryin’ to feed the kids
Cosmetic with this choppa ’cause I split wigs
And it’s a dirty game, matter fact that bitch rigged
They lookin’ at a nigga different ’cause they know what I did
But I ain’t speakin’ on them bodies ’cause I’m keepin’ it hid

Donald Trump is not my ruler
I come from Pop-Tarts and the noodles
I’m street smart without a tutor
Black man with a dream like Luther

[Verse 2]
Ayy, and I was twelve with a .30, I ain’t fuck with them
I’m ballin’ out every day, I’m above the rail
These niggas faker than plastic, I call ’em lil’ [?]
He tried to cross me on a lick so I don’t fuck with him
Ay, don’t call me ’cause you not a Crip or my [?]
And I’m a real nigga so you know I’m standin’ ten toes
You sayin’ that’s yo’ dawg, but that nigga never even rode
Took him on a mission, then he fell, then that nigga told
We ain’t fakin’ shit my nigga, bitch you know we kill for real
Fuck a forty-yard dash, I wanted me a nine-meter
Put this metal on a momma, show him how this [?] feels
Rolly on my wrist and I can’t even tell the time for real
Ay, real shooters, I was posted with them Dracos
A real hood nigga [?] and Faygos
Them stupid nat bitches, you know we don’t date those
I’m the neighborhood hero, but I never saved a ho

Donald Trump is not my ruler
I come from Pop-Tarts and the noodles
I’m street smart without a tutor
Black man with a dream like Luther