$not – Drip Lyrics


Okay, I step up in this bitch with my Air Force 1’s
Black or white, bitch, it don’t matter which ones (Nah)
Dancin’ in my drip ’cause I’m meltin’ in the sun
Nigga, got a blade but I also carry guns (Yuh)
Grra, grra, bitch nigga, please get back (Ayy)
Grra, grra, bitch, choppa got a kickback
Get my money and my guap, secure the bag (Aye)
MCM bag but I rock JanSport (Sport)
I’ma f*ck yo’ bitch ’cause I’m wearin’ sweat shorts
Niggas lookin’ up to me ’cause I’m a flex lord, ayy
Bitches want static ’til I bring cable cords (Phew)
No Ian Connor but these niggas want revenge
Drip on my body got me feeling so drenched (Wet)
All about my bitches, bitch, I’m not here for friends

I can see that bitch a ho like a Off-White
Bitches think I’m God, turn water into Sprite (Oh my God)
Bitches think I’m God, turn water into ice (Oh my God)
VV on my wrist, diamonds shinin’ so bright
Strap on my waist, bitch, I’m not talkin’ dyke
Drip on a plane and I drip when I drive (Drip)
Drip when I walk and I drip on a bike (Bike)
Foreign shit from Italy, try to steal my sauce (Bitch)
Call me Rick Ross ’cause I drip like a boss (Huh)
Winner of the world, bitch, I’ll never take a loss (Nah)

Ayy (Ah), bitch

Drip IV, drip icy
Drip iced tea, drip Nikes
Drip lightly, drip spicy
Drip nicely, drip IV
Drip icy, drip iced tea
Drip Nikes, drip lightly (Yuh)

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