Ohana Bam – Dear Brenton Lyrics

Lemme see if this nigga gon’ pick up the phone, man
Hollywood ass nigga
*The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time, Goodbye*
Maaan this nigga!

Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)

[Verse 1]
Dear Brenton promise I’m not bitchin’
But you got my digits
Why you never call or visit?
Think I’m feelin’ some tension
Not my intention
I just want all your attention
Cause nowadays you on a wave
Salty I had to miss it
I called you, you probably missed it
Just wanted to kick it cause you the ticket
Out of this life I’m livin’
I caught your last show, you ripped it
f**kin’ asshole, you dip shit
Never knew you’d be so gifted
Back then it was unrealistic
Goals you listed, I admit it
See you didn’t
They call you Bam, I call you Brenton
So you never forget where
You started to get there
It fell outta thin air
They might not’ve been there
But I was, when you got hot buzz
When you got hot fudge
They know who I was
Don’t make me feel some type of way
You know I got guns
The type of ones that you can’t outrun
I might just get to actin’ different all this hate in my blood
I don’t have anything against you, I’ma hate just because
You was who you was

Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Uh huh
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Yeah, uh huh

[Verse 2]
I hear your music and your voice sells
Now you voice sales
Heard you boy sells
Do you hoist scales?
These industry niggas snakes
But you avoid scales, I can tell
Break down another L
Inhale, exhale
Nextel blowin’ up
Wonder how your ex feel
Textin’ all these fake hoes
But I guess the sex real, ha ha
Mister “hey what’s up? let’s chill”
I guess that’s what the fame does
I hope you stay the same ’cause
This industry can go right to your head
And have your brain plugged
But your name plugged at the same clubs I came from
But never change up
Before I hang up
It’s one more thing I gotta bring up
Make sure you never give your name up
Remember who you are because the media might frame us
You can get the money but the money never made us
God on your side never worry ’bout them haters
In 10 years from now they might consider you the greatest
Dear Brenton

[Interlude: Voicemails]

What’s up Mister Hollywood
I saw you were back in huh, back in Chicago
You didn’t hit my line or anything, it’s cool…

Man I seen you in that new “Red Ferrari” video
I was tryna see if I could get a ride, you feel me

Sending me to voicemail, huh

[Verse 3]
I seen you hit my line
Sorry I ain’t pick up in time
I’ve been on the grind
See it’s been a lot on my mind
Sometimes you just gotta realize
Realize, real eyes, real lies
You don’t know what’s goin’ on over this side
You don’t care how I feel on the inside
You ain’t ever called to check up
Now you wanna call ’cause my check up
Now you wanna tell me I’m next up
Hoppin’ out the black hood with extra
Found out you bein’ extra
You see I’m a star, you a extra
‘member I was ridin’ on the metro
Broke in the mind, I was f’d up
Never ate lunch or breakfast
I was still online flexin’
I was still late night sexin’
Don’t worry ’bout me changin’
Just be glad you agin’
Eyes look like I’m Asian
Please contact my agent
Ain’t no rush, I’m patient
If you aren’t with me don’t say shit
Know my life look fun but
I’m not on vacation
I got allegations
To my salutations
But I don’t got time for
Too much conversation

(Various voices speaking on answering machine)
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Dear Brenton (Dear Brenton)
Yeah, uh

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