One Bad Pig – Kosher Lyrics

I Scream Sunday is all about something, you know
A lot of times we look at people in the world, people who are without Jesus
And we say, you know, man their life is so senseless, all they live for is a party man
They just, they just strive to get all kinds of money
Just so they can get women n drugs n booze n rock ‘n’ roll n cars n women n houses, you know
These people they don’t have any meaning in their life, all they do is try to get ahead
And try to be you know, the newest yuppie you know in the rich part of town

I’ll tell you what, it’s true that a lot of people live their lifes for senseless things
Some people even live their lifes you know to help others and even that is not good enough
It’s, it’s living for Jesus that’s.. you know, That’s what it’s really all about
But… You know what?
There’s a lot of us who are Christians
There’re a lot of us who are Christians who live for the same things man
We just go through the work a day week, we go through our schoolweek
Day after day or you know whatever it is that we do you know
And it’s like, there’s nothing that changes, it’s just..
You know, maybe we go to church a few times a week
Or once a week or something and read our Bible a few times
But it’s like what we’re really living for is our job or our family or our girl
That new car we’re making payments toward, or whatever, you know what i’m sayin’
I mean our prioroties get real outa line and there’s no joy

And we feel real tied down to our job or our situation or you know… our sin
A lot of us are caught up in sin as Christians
We’re living for pleasure just like people in the world are
Man, open up your eyes, start to dream, get some vision inside of what Jesus said life is all about
I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly
As the Father have lo, has loved Me, so have I loved you, continuing, continuing in My love
If you keep My commandments you’ll abide in My love
Even as I have kept the Fathers commandments and abide in His love
These things have i spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full
That’s what’s in store for you
If your heart and if your mind and your attitude’s in line Jesus has so much meaning
And so much reason and so much purpose for you
Please don’t live a dead end life
Please don’t go to sleep on the job
The Lord wants you to be in love with Him just like He’s in love with you
If you need to let go of that sin, if you need to get rid of the drudgery and start living for Jesus again
Bow your head and pray with me

Father God, in Jesus name. I repent of my sin. I repent of my wrong prioroties
I repent of making other things more important than You
Forgive me. Thank you Jesus for forgiveness
Renew my heart, renew my purpose and vision
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit again
Amen. Thank You Jesus

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