Peskov praised reports of Kazakhstan joining anti-Russian sanctions


The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on media reports that Kazakhstan could join Western sanctions or is de facto already contributing to them. Earlier, the Kazakh Ministry of Finance published a draft order regulating the implementation of sanctions on the supply of certain goods to the Russian Federation.

According to Medvedev, relations between Moscow and Astana have not changed so far.

“Our government is in constant contact,” Peskov told Mayak, adding that “literally the day before yesterday” intergovernmental negotiations took place and that contacts are being conducted “absolutely on a regular basis.”

According to Peskov's statement, in the field of sanctions, Kazakhstan no decisions were made”, “on the contrary”, the neighboring country declares its “intention to expand interaction” and jointly “respond to challenges”, as well as “to minimize the consequences of these unfriendly actions”.

“So far we proceed from this”, Peskov added.

To the question of whether Kazakhstan remains a country friendly to Russia, he answered in the affirmative: “Of course, of course.”


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