Pharoahe Monch – Same Shit Different Toilet Lyrics (feat. Styles P & Marco Polo)

They’re burning crucifixes on my lawn again
They wanna hang a nigga like an ornament
It’s tormenting, mourning over yesterday
Still yawning inside of a tournament
I can’t win, “Good Morning!”
Shot gun blast passed by my head
“I’m a man I tell you, I’m a man” I said
Push my daughter and my wife in the closet
And slid my son up under the bed
Filled the Smith & Wesson with lead
Looked in the mirror and said “breathe! now c’mon, breathe!”

I’m bout to bring 6 Klansmen to their knees
A cold story that my old man told me

“if you’re wondering why I hold so much pent up hostility inside of my soul and the memories still mold me
Just take a glimpse into the mind of an OG
Underneath the Oak-tree in the shade where I hang at
That’s the same spot my great gran used to hang at.”

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