Political scientist revealed the true reason for Xi Jinping's refusal to visit Russia

He will visit Russia after all coronavirus restrictions are lifted

During a recent telephone conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Russia, but his visit cannot take place at the moment. Political scientist, director of the International Institute of Recent States Alexei Martynov said that the Chinese leader has several reasons for postponing his trip to Russia.

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In an interview with Life.ru, Martynov noted that Russia has been lifting the last restrictive measures against coronavirus since July 15, while in China, in turn, no measures have been lifted at all. According to the political scientist, the PRC continues to exist “in pandemic mode.”

In addition, the expert does not recall that Xi Jinping has traveled somewhere on official visits over the past two years. The political scientist stressed that the Chinese leader, of course, participates in various events, but, as a rule, he does it remotely.

In addition, Martynov explained that the Chinese leader began a responsible period, which is associated with party re-elections . The political scientist is convinced that after the removal of all coronavirus restrictions in China, Xi Jinping is likely to visit Russia. The expert concluded that relations between the countries are at a good level, so there are no prerequisites for a different development of events.

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