Political scientists alarmed by the massive supply of NATO weapons to Ukraine

“None of them believes that Russia will shirk”

Following the UK, which urgently organized an “air bridge” for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, about its readiness to supply Kiev with weapons and military equipment other NATO countries have also stated. All this is done defiantly after a series of negotiations between Russia and the US, NATO and the OSCE on security guarantees, without waiting for their completion. The experts appreciated this demarche.

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Let me remind you that one of the demands made by Russia on the West is to stop the military development of the territory of Ukraine. In response, the UK sent 8 C-17 transport aircraft with anti-tank systems, as well as several hundred instructors and commandos to Ukraine.

The well-known Russophobes in the person of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia did not stand aside. They also announced their readiness to send a rocket weapon to the country, where the civil war has been going on for the seventh year. At the same time, the hegemon represented by the United States encouraged this initiative. Thus, the US State Department allowed Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to supply Ukrainians with weapons “Made in USA”. Reuters wrote about this, citing sources.

The publication hinted that it was, in particular, Javelin man-portable anti-tank missile systems and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. Earlier, Estonia announced the possibility of sending 122-mm howitzers to Ukraine, which the US Baltic satellites got from the arsenals of the GDR.

The Czech Republic will supply Ukraine with 152-mm artillery ammunition from its arsenals.

Some experts, however, do not rule out that NATO is taking advantage of the moment to get rid of old weapons so as not to spend money on their disposal.

Commenting on this news, Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov wrote on his Telegram channel: “We are entering the second pre-war phase: the countries of the Western alliance – the USA, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and others are beginning to saturate Ukraine with weapons.”< /p>

Veteran of the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic Andriy Marochko left the following comment: “None of them believes that Russia will 'shit'. A precedent is needed.”

The well-known writer and politician Zakhar Prilepin wrote this: “All the weapons that are being dragged to Ukraine from Britain and Germany, if anything, two weeks after – bearded and big-eyed militias will disassemble and assemble with interest, sniffing and occasionally cursing obscenities: “… And how is this garbage picked out …”.

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