Quilly – 93 Flow Lyrics

[Verse 1: Quilly]
Project nigga in them Foreign wheels
Got this from Drake, that nigga stole it from Lauryn Hill
Dougie on the beat, somethin’ dougie on my feet
I’m fresh, never the less, I’m f**kin’ up the streets
All these bottles in my section, I ain’t even drinkin’
(?) shoot you in front of the cops, he ain’t even thinkin’
He ain’t even blinkin’, Quilly been wavy too long
He ain’t even sinkin’
Nelson Mandela in that cell, I ain’t even singin’
They boxed me in like Chris Brown, I come out swingin’
Solange on the Elevator, I come out kickin’
They tried to take my voice away, I come out spittin’
When I say it’s freestyle, it’s really not written
But, when I really write it down, then, consider quittin’
You sweet pepper, this my Jalapeno flow
You fall back, I’m droppin’ hip hop weekly; Benzino flow
I could kill your favorite rapper, this my conceited flow
Shaka Johnson, Michael Jackson in them courts
Beat it tho
I give em pain, this that shit you gotta feel cousin
They put a beeper on my ankle but, I’m still buzzin’
Hottest rapper in my city, what if Quill wasn’t?
Prolly be best just trappin’, these bitches still f**kin’
And, I just make em look, make em cook, you be on your hype shit
Ike shit, make em shook
Wife beater, tank top ass nigga
Million dollars in promotion, might flop ass nigga
I used to get that slow money, now, the block fast nigga
Fast money, fast cars, even my watch fast nigga
Shout out to 50, he was real when I met em
I just might merge wit G-Unit if the check heavy
I get wavy, I don’t get ready, you make her mad
She’ll f**k me, your bitch petty
“E” and Reds behind me, it’s like I’m driving (?) trucks
Cuz, that bread behind me
Far as that money, I’ve been gettin’ plenty man
But enough cuz all my bitches be sayin’ I’m stingy man
I was in county blues like Gucci mane
Left the jail, put my cape on, and turned to Fendi man
So fly, might not never land, never never land
This shit goofy, no mouse shit; Disneyland
My sneaks a dollar, I don’t wear penny’s man
Balenciagas, white one’s or Timbalands
Harvard mentality, high school drop out
This that 93 flow when Big was sleepin’ on pac couch

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