Rastamiles – Powers Most High Lyrics

When I was little boy, momma told me, Chris upon my shoulder when I’m in need
Well now that I am grown, though grown not fully, I still got Jah to strengthen me
Haile Selassie I, Ras Tafari
God to the throne, Selah the most hight!
Growth to I and I, to reach the sky
Powers most high Rastafari!
I’ll soon become a man, providing alone, daily working hands straight to the bone
I’ll do the best I can, these barriers unknown, turn whatever hardship to a stepping stone
Dreadlocks on head of I, covenant with Jah most high
These things could never fool, Jah things they can’t lie
Make waste of Babylon lies, make wake your sleeping eyes
To powers most high Rastafari!

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