Realsleezy – Free Sauce Lyrics

Free Sauce (Lyrics)

I ain’t missing no cash
I ain’t missing no dough
I ain’t worried about a b*tch
And I ain’t chasing no h*es

I wake up in the morning and I go and get it
I think i’m the biggest the thing in my city
If you on that f*ck sh*t then I ain’t f*cking with it
I just want the hundreds and the muthaf*cking fifties

Yeah it’s all about me
You know this sauce ain’t free
I got this sauce on me
Watch me dripping got you slipping down the street

If you try me imma have to bust the heat
Might have to grab the broom and let it sweep
Million dollar grill yeah I want the beef
I got your girl sucking but I ain’t sweet

When I wake up in the morning I go get it x4

If I wake up in the morning imma get it aye x4

I ain’t missing no cash
I ain’t missing no dough
I don’t care about a b*tch
And I don’t give a f*ck about no h*es

I used to have homies on they ass mane
I tried to tell them go and get you a bag mane
As long as you out here broke I can not f*ck with you
You was eating off my plate what was I supposed to do

Talking about you getting this talking about you doing that
Boy you don’t want no smoke I’ll blow your ass off the map
If it wasn’t for me n*gga you wouldn’t be up in that trap
‘Cuhs i’ll run up in your sh*t and hit your ass the strap

Thought you was my homie
Thought you was a real one
Now I can’t trust you
Come around I might kill something

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