Realsleezy – New Money Lyrics

[Verse 1: RealSleezy]

This is all I know
This is all I do
I been getting money
What about you
This is all I want
This is all I got
If I get locked down
The money won’t stop

All of these n*ggas
Claim they getting some money
But I never see it
That’s why I’m laughing
This sh*t so funny

All of these b*tches
Just wanna come home with me
But I can’t trust a thot
Them hoes ain’t for free

Bad b*tches on my line
I just let em cool off
I ain’t wasting no time
Smash the p*ssy then skurt off

If You gettin money
You better keep it on the low
Cuhs I been hustling for 6 years
And ill still tell a b*tch no

[Verse 2: RealSleezy]

Young mastermind taking everything
Ill do anything for the blue and green
Pull up in that f*cking mean machine
I want a hundred racks yeah thats all on me
I got a sexy thing, she from overseas
When she act bad, I make her play with keys
I do it for me, I do it so good you can’t ignore me

You don’t even know half the story
The road to money can get very gory
But I’m in the house like my name is Corey
I come around, lay it down, then I’m Out-ty
I hit the back door then I smash out In my new Audi

[Verse 3: RealSleezy]

I need all of my money and I need it now
Everybody knows I’m the biggest thing to hit your town
If you got a problem, better state it now

Because I’m on my way to the top, and I ain’t looking down

Get every f*cking dollar that you can
And don’t you f*cking stop until the stacks hit the fan
I need all my credit but I want my cash In my hand
And Imma stack that sh*t up as fast as I can

I feel like the dark knight
Pull up in Roleys & Bentleys
I been sipping Purple all night
I got a gallon of lean with me
I feel like the dark knight
Pull up in Lambs and Rarris
I been smoking gas all night
Lets turn this club to a drug party

I pull up to the airport with a bag and a case
Then I board the pj, in my pjs
Hop off smoking cake, skurt off in the wraith
Real n*ggas can relate

[Verse 4: RealSleezy]

Go get yo money young n*gga
Go get yo money young b*tch
F*ck what they talking about n*gga
If they ain’t talking about getting rich

Never trust a punk b*tch
That’s word to my bro Larry June
Because I just f*cked up my leg
Kicking a punk b*tch out the room

Whats up Young Dolph
Im the king of my city too
But I’m from Long Beach my n*gga
Where the killers move
I respect a n*gga getting paper
And if she ain’t getting money I can’t date her

Wussup Young Ferg
I do it for my fam too
But I ain’t got no family n*gga
I do it for my crew
And that’s the truth

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